Best Recycling assisted Tetra Tech in the removal of material from the island of Adak, Alaska. Located in the Aleutian chain, Adak is a former US Navy base that once was the home to over 6000 people. On March 31, 1997, the Navy closed the Adak Naval Air Facility. The lowering of the flag for the last time ended an era that began August 31, 1942, when U.S. forces landed on the Aleutian Island and established an advance base there for operations against the Japanese on Kiska and Attu Islands.

The Navy left behind a contingent of 30 Navy personnel and 200 civilian contractors to maintain facilities, keep the runway open and begin an environmental cleanup. Best was responsible for recycling the materials from the clean up operations.


Best Recycling has been serving the needs of the US Antarctic program since 1995. We are responsible for adding numerous new technologies to their program that have served to reduce their shipping costs and enhance the quality of their environment.

The US Antarctic treaty mandates that ALL US generated waste be removed from the Antarctic continent.

Best created and implemented numerous programmatic, systematic and technological enhancements through the years that have reduced waste, reduced shipping costs and enhanced operations. We  helped reduce staffing, increased safety and reduced the number of shipped containers which brought money back to the US Antarctic program.

Best is also the originator of the Resale program that auctions items and returns the proceeds back to the program.

There are numerous logistical difficulties, given the harsh Antarctic environment, and we are proud of our efforts to make life easier for the programs waste management staff. They are responsible for educating residents, collecting, sorting , processing and shipping waste on the Antarctic continent.


Best Recycling performed a waste audit and implemented a removal strategy for surplus materials at the National Science Foundation’s Summit station located in Greenland.

We assisted in the removal of surplus equipment and recyclable materials to be  processed in Schenectady, New York.


This project is located in the remote Yukon wilderness in Canada where a 45,000 gallon diesel fuel tank leaked fuel into the ground – 40 to 50 years ago.  Chevron has hired Best Recycling, Inc. to mop up fuel spilled at a staging area in the Peel Watershed. In order to protect the environment from further damage, Best has excavated the impacted soil and moved it into treatment cells for thermal remediation using equipment designed by Best Recycling.

The thermal technology utilized has been customized for this project due to weight/dimension restrictions for air transport.

Notes from Roger:  The only way in and out of the work site is via air. Talk about mosquitoes – good lord! We’ve got a bear watcher guarding us while we work all day. There’s some big ones out here.

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