Benefits of Six Mile

Benefits of Six Mile


One of the most difficult parts of any waste operation is the logistical and tactical aspect of getting materials to their appropriate destination. We have been able to move items from as far away as Antarctica and as close as next door. We specialize in making this seamless and trouble free for our clients.


Six Mile has successfully operated recycling facilities from Vancouver, BC to Charleston West Virginia. We purchased previously failing recycling facilities and turned them into profitable operations.


In this economic environment it has become increasingly important to seek out new markets and aggressively maintain our current outlets for all materials. Six Mile has developed a strong knowledge of the recycling industry.

We market to companies throughout the U.S. and Canada . Our reach extends to China, the Philippine’s and Mexico. We are constantly expanding our brokerage relationships and searching out new opportunities for our customers and suppliers.

Cost Reduction

We have proven to provide cost reduction for customers in many unique ways. Our procedure involves an intensive study of a corporate waste stream from it’s point of generation to it’s final disposition. We will make recommendations that will reduce or eliminate waste. Following that process we will aggressively seek ways to reduce what you pay for disposal and maximize the revenue you receive for recyclables.

We bring years of experience to your waste problems.

Six Mile specializes in providing the latest technological innovations to your particular needs.

With expertise in Solid Waste disposal, waste to energy, composting and recycling, our insight will provide you with the most cost effective method for handling your processes and disposal needs.

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